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We are always on the lookout for ways to improve and one major advance was the introduction of various interactive features, letting you the visitor interact with our site and in the process, improve our content richness.

Here's a quick overview of how you can interact with our site:

Your Favourites
Add to our list of favourite things in our new "Your Favourites" section. Over time we will present topics to you, our visitor and you can spill-out your thoughts in this new interactive part of our website. For example, what is your favourite movie scene? Read the stories of other quiz fans and then add your own. [Link]



Leaving Comments
Under each of our quizzes, you can find a comment section where you may add your thoughts, corrections or just general comments. Simply enter your name and comments, as well as the security text and send in your comments. Since the pages are cached, it will take up to two hours for your comment to appear on the page for others to see.



Add Your Quizzes
We offer all of our visitors the chance to share their questions with the world via our website. What questions interest you?  [Link]



Contact Us
You are always welcome to write to us, we personally read every mail contact message we receive. [Link]

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