Pop Trivia Quiz 1

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1. Who had albums entitled Complete Madness and Divine Madness?

2. Who was backed by the group The Blockheads?

3. How is Annie Mae Bullock better known?

4. What is the home country of Van Morrison?

5. Which song has been a No.1 for Tommy Roe and Vic Reeves?

6. Which actor and singer was Born David Cook in Plaistow?

7. Whose first hit was Shake Rattle & Roll in 1954?

8. In which decade was Dolly Parton born?

9. Penny ford and Turbo B were vocalists with which 90s group?

10. Which singer was Leo Sayers manager  


1. Madness

2. Ian Dury

3. Tina Turner

4. Northern Ireland

5. Dizzy

6. David Essex

7. Bill Hailey & His Comets

8. 1940s

9. Snap

10. Adam faith


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