Geographical Music Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was submitted by Judy Chapman from France. All answers include a place name. Many thanks Judy, great job!

1. In which country is Aida set?

2. The lyrics to Danny Boy were set to which folk tune?

3. Where did Typically Tropical go in 1976?

4. Guantanamera is a song about a girl from which country?

5. Where did Supertramp have Breakfast in 1979?

6. Gene Pitney sang about '24 Hours from Tulsa'  In which US state is Tulsa?

7. Which river featured in the Title and and also the theme music to a James Stewart Civil War Film?

8. Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schoenberg wrote a musical about whom?

9. What was Glenn Miller's phone number?

10. Where did the Monkees take the last train to in 1966?


1. Egypt

2. Londonderry Air

3. Barbados

4. Cuba

5. In America

6. Oaklahoma

7. Shenandoah

8. Miss Saigon

9. Pennsylvania 65000

10. Clarksville


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