Waynes Body Parts Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Wayne in Spain. Thanks again Wayne, we appreciate your hard work there.

1. What is your patella more commonly known?

2. What is your mandible?

3. What is your glutimus maximus?

4. Where are your metatarsals?

5. What is the correct name for your skull?

6. What organ of the body is affected by cirrhosis?

7. Where are your trapezius?

8. How is the clavicle commonly known?

9. What organ in the body produces insulin?

10. What name is given to a person whose body lacks melanin?


1. Knee cap

2. Jaw bone

3. The biggest muscle in your bum

4. In your foot

5. Cranium

6. Liver

7. Your upper back, neck and shoulders

8. Collar bone

9. Pancreas

10. An albino


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