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1. Strawberries are from the same family as which flower:
    a: Rose, 
    b: Primrose, 
    c: Geranium or 
    d: Buttercup?

2. Which British monarch was the last Emperor of India?

3. Southern Right, Blue, Pygmy Bryde's, Southern Minke and Gray are all examples of what?

4. Plus or minus 500,000 (half a million), what is the population of the city of Madrid?

5. True or false: Up through the 1970s, a typical British home prescription for a new mother was to dip a hot fireplace poker into a pint glass of Guinness and drink the entire thing down in order to increase the iron intake needed by a new parent.

6. The World Health Organisation has a strict working policy which determines who can and cannot be recruited. Which demographic of people have been recently excluded from their recruitment list?

7. Among the Falkland islands' most famous residents are penguins. Pilots returning from the 1982 conflict reported seeing the birds falling backwards while watching aircraft fly overhead. Were such reports true or false?

8. Greenland is the largest island in the world, spanning over two million square kilometers. Which island is the second largest?

9. and 10. There are sixteen Beatles songs with titles beginning with the letter 'L'. (Note: The word 'THE' may prepend the title) Name eight of them.

11. Everyone in the English-speaking world knows that St. Patrick is/was the patron saint of Ireland, but not everyone knows that he is also the patron saint of another country. Which one?

12. The television headline news in the UK on the 7th of July 2005 was that of the terrorist attacks on the public transport system. What was the main headline the day before?

13. Which organisation has the motto "Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity"?

14. Which 'ology (ie; the study of something) has the shortest name?

15. From which language does the word 'Safari' originate?

16. Which country joined the G7 making them the G8?

17. What is the Sanskrit word for 'union'?

18. Which two countries have the most universities in the world?

19. Between which two countries can one find the THAR desert?

20. Of the members of the United Nations, only four have names of only one syllable in English, what are they?


1. a: Rose, and the family is called Rosaceae

2. King(-Emperor) George VI until 15 August 1947 due to Indian independence but officially until 22 June 1948 when the title was abandoned.

3. Whale, they are all names of whale species

4. 3,228,359

5. True

6. Smokers. From this page. Smokers and other tobacco users will not be recruited by WHO as and from 1 December 2005. This policy should be seen in the context of the Organization's credibility in promoting the principle of a tobacco-free environment.

7. FalseThis popular story was laid to rest by the British Antarctic Survey. Researchers investigated the impact of military flights on local bird populations and said the animals may have wobbled a bit but remained upright.

8. New Guinea - (303,381 sq miles) (785,753 sq km) NOTE: Australia is widely considered as a continental landmass, not an island. In reality, it certainly is the largest island, with a size of (2,941,517 sq miles) (7,618,493 sq km).

9. and 10. 
    "Lady Madonna" 
    "Leave My Kitten Alone" 
    "Lend Me Your Comb" 
    "Let It Be" 
    "Little Child" 
    "Like Dreamers Do" 
    "The Long and Winding Road" 
    "Long, Long, Long" 
    "Long Tall Sally" 
    "Lonesome Tears in My Eyes" 
    "Love Me Do" 
    "Love of the Loved" 
    "Lovely Rita" 
    "Love You To" 
    "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

11. Nigeria

12. London winning the 2012 Olympics.

13. The FBI - the clue was in the question

14. Oology, the study of eggs.Oology, or o?logy is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of eggs, especially birds' eggs. It can also be applied to the hobby of collecting wild birds' eggs (which is now illegal in many jurisdictions). Oology includes the study of the breeding habits of birds, and the study of their nests. (The study of birds' nests is sometimes called caliology).

15. Swahili / Arabic (Can accept either)Entering the English language in the late 19th century, the word safari means 'journey' in Swahili language. Originally from the Arabic سفر (safara) meaning travel. To travel in swahili is to "safiri" but when you are on a journey the swahili word is "safari".

16. Russia

17. Yoga

18. India (over 7100) and the United States (over 5000)

19. Pakistan and India

20. Chad, Greece, France and Spain

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