Picture Quiz - Map of Europe

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Perhaps a little too easy for most pub quiz teams.

Simply download the following Adobe PDF document and print it out in Landscape mode.

Click to download PDF version

Teams must identify the European countries marked by each of the numbers, writing their answers onto the map in the spaces provided.

Print out as many copies as you wish, perhaps you only really need to print one copy and then run that copy through a photocopier as many times as you have teams playing.

We have set the colours in the map to greyscale to guarantee good contrast after printing.

The answers are below, at the bottom of this page.


1. Estonia

2. Albania

3. Moldova

4. Macedonia

5. Slovakia

6. Poland

7. Lithuania

8. Romania

9. Sweden

10. Portugal

11. Belarus

12. Switzerland

13. Netherlands

14. Czech Republic

15. Bulgaria


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