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Click here to download the picture round PDF document to print out for your teamsDownload the following file, it contains the pictures for this round (it is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, which can be freely downloaded at http://www.adobe.com ).

  • Print out as many copies of this file as there are teams.
  • Hand one copy to each quiz team and announce the following questions.




Part 1. Spot the Ball (or guess where it was before it was cunningly removed)

    Picture 1: """""

    Picture 2: """""

Part 2. What are the first names of the following animated characters (i.e. NOT: that funny bird from that TV show" )

a) """"""""""""""""""".

b) """"""""""""""""""".

c) """"""""""""""""""".

d) """"""""""""""""""".

e) """"""""""""""""""".

f) """"""""""""""""""".

g) """"""""""""""""""".

h) """"""""""""""""""".

I) """"""""""""""""""".

k) """"""""""""""""""".

l) """"""""""""""""""".  


Picture 1: A1

Picture 2: F2

a) Bob (the Builder)

b) Ginger

c) Timmy

d) Little

e) "Stone Cold" Steve (Austin)

f) Scott (Tracy)

g) Shaun (the Sheep)

h) Gizmo

I) Nibbler

k) Gonzo (the Great)

l) Jimmy (Neutron)  


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