Picture Quiz 7

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Click here to download the picture round PDF document to print out for your teamsDownload the following file, it contains the pictures for this round (it is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, which can be freely downloaded at http://www.adobe.com ).

  • Print out as many copies of this file as there are teams.
  • Hand one copy to each quiz team and announce the following questions.

You can right-click on the icon above and choose 'Save Target As' to download the file to your computer



Simply name the city in which you can find the monuments in each of the nine pictures shown. There is a space below each picture to enter the correct answers.


1. Venice
2. London
3. Volgograd
4. Washington
5. Rio de Janeiro
6. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
7. Copenhagen
8. Dublin
9. Barcelona 

The Statues are (Thanks to Janette):

  The statues are as follows;
1 - Bartolomeo Colleoni
2- Nelson's Column
3- The Motherland Calls
4- Abraham Lincoln
5- Christ The Redeemer
6- God of the Tyne
7- Little Mermaid
8- Molly Malone
9- Christopher Columbus


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