Notable Inventions of the 1950s

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Dates for inventions are often controversial. Inventions are often invented by several inventors around the same time, or may be invented in an impractical form many years before another inventor improves the invention into a practical form. Where there is ambiguity, the date of the first working version of the invention is used here. 

1950: Credit card: Frank X. McNamara

1951: Combined oral contraceptive pill: Djerassi, Miramontes, and Rosenkranz

1951: Liquid Paper: Bette Nesmith Graham

1951: Nuclear power reactor: Walter Zinn

1952: Floppy disk: Yoshiro Nakamatsu

1952: Fusion bomb: Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam

1952: Hovercraft: Christopher Cockerell

1953: MASER: Charles Townes

1953: Medical ultrasonography

1954: Radar gun: Bryce K. Brown

1954: Transistor radio (dated from the from Regency TR1) (USA)

1954: Synthetic diamond: Tracy Hall

1954: Geodesic dome: Buckminster Fuller

1955: Velcro: George de Mestral

1955: Hair spray Helene Curtis

1955: Hard Drive: Reynold Johnson with IBM

1955: Video phone: Gregorio Y. Zara in the Philippines

1956: Digital clock

1956: Videocassette recorder: Ampex

1957: Jet Boat: William Hamilton

1957: Bubble Wrap: Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes

1958: Integrated circuit: Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments, Robert Noyce at Fairchild Semiconductor

1958: Communications satellite: Kenneth Masterman-Smith

1958: Implantable pacemaker: Rune Elmqvist

1959: Snowmobile: Joseph-Armand Bombardier  


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