Rugby Quiz 4

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

1. For which club did fly half turned broadcaster Cliff Morgan play?

2. In League, what is awarded for the BBC TV try of the season?

3. In Union, which international team name was first used in 1924?

4. In what year did Scotland first win at Parc des Princes?

5. In which country do Randwick play?

6. To whom is the Lance B. Todd Memorial Trophy awarded?

7. What is New Zealand's inter-provincial championship called?

8. What is South Africa's inter-provincial tournament called?

9. What nationality is Murray Kidd?

10. What was the Regal Trophy previously called?

11. Where are you if you are at 'Billy Williams' cabbage patch'?

12. Where was the first Rugby Union World Cup held?

13. Which country did Hugo Porta play for?

14. Which England cricket captain was capped for England at rugby?

15. Which Irish doctor was capped at Rugby Union and soccer?

16. Which Irish winger was described by Bill McLaren as 'an electric eel'?

17. Which League club is nicknamed 'The Chemics'?

18. Which League club is nicknamed 'The Wires'?

19. Which member of the royal family played in a rugby international?

20. Which Moroccan was sent off in his first international for France in 1990?

21. Which nephew of Barry John became a Wigan player?

22. Which rugby international won junior Wimbledon in 1966?

23. Which team did Andy Platt and Dean Bell join after leaving Wigan?

24. Which was the first Union club to win the John Player Cup three years in a row?

25. Which Welsh player was a champion hurdler?

26. Who captained Australia in the 1995 World Cup Final?

27. Who captained Australia in their World Cup win in 1991?

28. Who captained England in the 1995 World Cup Final?

29. Who captained the 1967 touring All Blacks?

30. Who did Russian Prince Obolensky play for in 1936?  


1. Cardiff

2. Eddie Waring Memorial Trophy

3. The British Lions

4. 1995

5. Australia

6. Rugby League Cup Final Man of The Match

7. Ranfurly Shield

8. Currie Cup

9. New Zealander

10. John Player Trophy

11. Twickenham

12. New Zealand

13. Argentina

14. M. J. K. Smith

15. Kevin O'Flanaghan

16. Simon Geoghegan

17. Widnes

18. Warrington

19. Peter Phillips

20. Abdel Benazzi

21. Scott Quinnell

22. J. P .R. Williams

23. Auckland Warriors

24. Leicester

25. Nigel Walker

26. Brad Fittler

27. Nick Farr-Jones

28. Dennis Betts

29. Brian Lochore

30. England


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