Movie Gangsters Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. What was the name of the family featured in the "Godfather"?

2. Who played Al Capone in the film of the same name in 1959?

3. In "Little Caesar", what was the name of the character played by Edward G Robinson?

4. In "Bonnie and Clyde", which pair of Genes appeared?

5. In what film does James Cagney pretend to be a coward when going to the electric chair?

6. Who portrayed Public Enemy Number 1 in "Dillinger" in 1973?

7. Who played "Spats" Columbo in the comedy "Some Like It Hot"?

8. What did James Cagney push in Mae Clarke?s face in "Public Enemy"?

9. Who did Shelley Winters portray in "Bloody Mama" in 1971?

10. In which comedy gangster film did Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds team up for the first time?

11. Who was the head of the Barker Karpis gang which included her children?

12. The criminal gang Camorra is based in which Italian city?

13. Who gave his occupation as a 2nd hand furniture dealer?

14. Which famous bank robber was dubbed by the FBI, Public enemy number 1?

15. To how many years were the Kray twins imprisoned?

16. What is the Japanese equivalent of the Mafia?

17. Which group of contract killers did Louis Lepke Buchalter head?

18. What took place on February 14th 1929?

19. Originally from Corsica, what is the name of the criminal gang based in Marseille?

20. What were the first names of the Richardson brothers, the south London rivals to the Kray twins?


1. Corleone

2. Rod Steiger

3. Rico

4. Hackman & Wilder

5. Angels With Dirty Faces

6. Warren Oates

7. George Raft

8. Grapefruit

9. Kate Barker (Ma Baker)

10. City Heat

11. Ma Barker

12. Naples

13. Al Capone

14. John Dillenger

15. 30 years

16. Yacuza

17. Murder Incorporated

18. St Valentines Day massacre

19. Union Corse

20. Charles and Eddie


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