Pauls TV and Film Quiz 4

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1. In the Tarzan films, what was Jane's last name?

2. Which 1969 Oscar winning film was X-rated in the USA?

3. John 'the cat' Robie was the debonair central character in which popular film?

4. In which three Quentin Tarantino films has English actor Tim Roth played a role? One point for each correct answer.

5. What role was actor Elmo Lincoln playing when he stabbed his co-star to death while filming a 1918 movie?

6. Eric Claudin is the disfigured genius in which classic 1943 film?

7. Name the three films that have won the Oscar for best picture with the name of a city in the film title. One point for each correct answer.

8. The car in the Knightrider series was called KITT. What does this acronymn stand for?

9. Which famous film title is the Mexican name for the river known in the USA as 'Rio Grande'?

10. In which film did Sir Laurence Olivier play? 
    a. A Nazi war criminal named Dr. Christian Szell, 
    b. An aging Jewish Nazi hunter named Ezra Lieberman, 
    c. Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess

11. In which animated Disney films would one find the following characters? One point for each correct answer: 
    a. Pumba, 
    b. Si & Am, 
    c. Pongo, 
    d. Edna E. Mode


1. Parker (Porter in the books)

2. Midnight Cowboy

3. To Catch A Thief (Cary Grant played John Robie)

4. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms

5. Tarzan (He stabbed a lion that attacked him)

6. The Phantom of the Opera

7. Casablanca, An American in Paris, Chicago

8. Knight Industries Two Thousand

9. Rio Bravo

10. Three answers: 
    a. Marathon Man, 
    b. The Boys From Brazil, 
    c. Wild Geese II

11. Four answers: 
    a. The Lion King, 
    b. The Lady & the Tramp, 
    c. 101 Dalmations, 
    d. The Incredibles


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