Four Letters Ending O Quiz 1

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All the answers are four letter words ending with a letter "O"

1. Who succeeded Claudius as Roman Emperor?

2. What was the name of Fred Flintstone's pet dinosaur?

3. Who is the lead singer with U2?

4. Which Yugoslavian leader died in 1980?

5. Which character did Bert Kwouk play in the Pink Panther films?

6. Which song was a 1980 number 1 hit for Dexy's Midnight Runners?

7. Who was the mythological wife of Jupiter?

8. Which colourless Greek spirit is flavoured with anise?

9. On which ship did Jason sail in search of the Golden Fleece?

10. Which city of Nevada was renowned for its "quickie" divorces?

11. Which card game has the same name as a Portuguese resort?

12. Where did 83 people die after a 51-day siege in 1993?

13. Which 1983 film starred a rabid St Bernard?

14. Which edible powdery starch is obtained from the trunk of certain palm trees?

15. What was invented by a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen?

16. Which country lies between Ghana and Benin?

17. Under what name did Artur Artunes Coimbra achieve fame?

18. What was the name of Dorothy Gale's pet dog?

19. What is the name of the members of the protectorate of the Atlantic?

20. What is the name of one of the principal islands of Malta?


1. Nero

2. Dino

3. Bono

4. Tito

5. Kato

6. Geno

7. Juno

8. Ouzo

9. Argo

10. Reno

11. Faro

12. Waco

13. Cujo

14. Sago

15. Lego

16. Togo

17. Zico

18. Toto

19. Nato

20. Gozo  


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