Seeing Double Quiz 1

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All the answers contain two consecutive letters that are the same, eg GG, BB etc.

1. Who had UK Top Ten hits with "Straight Up" and "Rush Rush"?

2. Who launched London Weekend Television's "The South Bank Show" in 1978?

3. What is the name of the computer in the TV series Red Dwarf?

4. Who, in 1968, made what was known as "the jump into the 21st century"?

5. Henry Cecil Booth patented which household appliance in 1901?

6. Regenschirm is the German word for which useful item?

7. Which American outlaw did Robert Ford murder in 1882?

8. With which successful group, formed in the late 1960's did Ian Paice play the drums?

9. Which Beatle appeared in the 1968 film Candy?

10. Who played the lead role in the TV series The River?  


1. Paula Abdul

2. Melvyn Bragg

3. Holly

4. Bob Beamon

5. Vacuum Cleaner

6. Umbrella

7. Jesse James

8. Deep Purple

9. Ringo Starr

10. David Essex


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