Cryptic Quiz 10

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1. What CO was the Greek Billionairess who died in 1988?

2. What CFH had a hit record with ?You always hurt the one you love? in 1961?

3. What JD was the cult actor who only made 3 films?

4. What AE is an avid listener said to be?

5. What WO is to eradicate?

6. What PBS married the authoress of Frankenstein?

7. What AS are outlawed drugs for athletes?

8. What SOF is the Quaker religion?

9. What GP is the popular pet also known as cavy?

10. What TOTU is the TV programme originally introduced by Roald Dahl?

11. What STC is to shun or ostracise someone?

12. What IA are you when you?re behind with a payment?

13. What RB was a hard-drinking Welsh film star?

14. What TPT is a classification of the known elements?

15. What YP is traditionally eaten with Roast Beef?

16. What AD was a 1930s style of art?

17. What SB is a basic safe?

18. What LD is an almost circular mountainous area in Cumbria?

19. What POTB means to congratulate?

20. What WWW is a damp sounding pop group?  


1. Christina Onassis

2. Clarence Frogman Henry

3. James Dean

4. All Ears

5. Wipe Out

6. Percy Blysshe Shelley

7. Anabolic Steroid

8. Society Of Friends

9. Guinea Pig

10. Tales Of The Unexpected

11. Send To Coventry

12. In Arrears

13. Richard Burton

14. The Periodic Table

15. Yorkshire Pudding

16. Art Deco

17. Strong Box

18. Lake District

19. Pat On The Back

20. Wet Wet Wet


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