Cryptic Sevens Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Macdonald from the UK.  Many thanks Alan, great job!

Simply put, each of the questions below is a clue to two seven letter words. The first word has one letter different to the second seven letter word.

1. Came out of an egg and found a mate

2. Break up the idle talk

3. Politely turn something down then lie back and relax

4. Shackled someone then maybe sang a war song

5. Firearms practice in a convent?

6. Spoiling the weekly laundry

7. Does a deal with the gents' hairdressers

8. Demanded payment when a record made the Top 10

9. Throwing up after going away

10. The Senior Service's suitmakers?


1. Hatched - matched

2. Shatter - chatter

3. Decline - recline

4. Chained - chanted

5. Gunnery - nunnery

6. Wasting- washing

7. Barters - barbers

8. Charged - charted

9. Heaving - leaving

10. Sailors - tailors


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