Alphabetical Quiz 55

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. A No 3 Hit for Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich?

2. Who had a hit with In The Year 2525

3. On which river would you find the Victoria Falls?

4. An African country. Capital Lusaka?

5. The name of the former Dutch Grand Prix venue?

6. Mugabe led which party when becoming Zimbabwe’s 1st President

7. Which company advertised its products on TV with the slogan "The appliance of Science"?

8. Tanzania is a country formed from 2 countries. Tanganyika was 1 what was the other?

9. Counter-culture rock star that died in the mid-1990s?

10. An electrical device that can injure or kill

11. Which child star spotted on opportunity knocks had a hit with Ma He’s Making Eyes At Me

12. Which 1960s cop show was set in Newtown

13. This is another way to say enthusiasm?

14. What is the name of the largest island in Denmark

15. Transport…what was first introduced into the UK on 31 October 1951?

16. Belgian port famous for a disaster in 1987?

17. Who won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Cold Mountain

18. A soft, gentle breeze?

19. Who is the German count with a mode of transportation named after him?

20. What number can't be represented in roman numerals?

21. A Shetland Isle?

22. American theatrical producer

23. The country for which Bruce Grobelaar kept goal?

24. What is Bob Dylan's real name?

25. What metal is used to galvanise steel?

26. A type of grape used to make wine?

27. Bushy type plant with dahlia blossoms

28. What is the name of the underground city in the Matrix films

29. This product was first produced in 1932 in Pennsylvania in 1950 one of them was removed from the belly of a fish and lit first time

30. Bungo and George's friend in 'Rainbow'?

31. This is a cheap Gemstone

32. Which element has the chemical symbol Zr?

33. What do Americans call a facial spot?

34. A musical instrument?

35. Prior to the Euro what was Poland’s currency?

36. The last king of Albania?

37. Fear of all animals?

38. A cough sweet that was “Good for your tubes”?

39. Slender green Italian marrows

40. Who had a hit with Cheap Sunglasses


1. Zabadak

2. Zager and Evans

3. Zambesi

4. Zambia

5. Zandvoort

6. Zanu

7. Zanussi

8. Zanzibar

9. Frank Zappa

10. Zapper

11. Zavaroni (Lena)

12. Z Cars

13. Zeal

14. Zealand

15. Zebra Crossing

16. Zeebrugge

17. Zellweger Renee

18. Zephyr

19. Count von Zeppelin

20. Zero

21. Zetland

22. Ziegfeld

23. Zimbabwe

24. Robert Zimmerman

25. Zinc

26. Zinfandel

27. Zinnia

28. Zion

29. Zippo lighter

30. Zippy

31. Zircon

32. Zirconium

33. Zit

34. Zither

35. Zloty

36. Zog

37. Zoophobia

38. Zubes

39. Zucchini

40. ZZ Top


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