Alphabetical Quiz 54

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. Green woodpecker

2. A game played with 5 dice?

3. An American University?

4. Where was there a wartime conference of the Allied leaders

5. Similar to a sweet potato with large edible root

6. What is the capital of Cote d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast?

7. Which two Chinese rivers are in the top 10 of the world's longest rivers?

8. What do you call a bet on 4 races simultaneously?

9. Who had a hit with Eat It

10. Who had a hit with For Your Love

11. A car made by Toyota?

12. In Norfolk and also on the Isle of Wight?

13. A herb, often found on waste ground?

14. Which character did Clint Eastwood play in the TV series 'Rawhide'?

15. A small 2 masted sailing ship?

16. Who had a 1988 No 1 with The Only Way is Up?

17. Flag which signifies a diseased ship?

18. Tropical disease

19. Which sea lies between NE China and Korea’s West Coast?

20. Which cartoon film takes place in Pepperland?

21. Aden is the capital of where

22. The currency of Japan

23. What was the name of the Sorcerer in Fantasia?

24. What is the official name of the Beefeaters?

25. Which football club plays at Huish Park?

26. From which wood were longbows traditionally made?

27. What is the central feature of the South Korean flag?

28. Form of singing by changing to a falsetto voice

29. A piece of wood joining two animals?

30. A country bumpkin

31. What is the name of the 1973 war when Egypt attacked Israel

32. Who was the jester in the Danish court (Shakespeare)

33. Ripon is the tourist centre for which national park?

34. Recorded a famous LP called Harvest?

35. Every time You Go Away was a no 1 hit for whom?

36. Which song begins "It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside"?

37. What completes the title of Chic’s "Dance, Dance, Dance"?

38. A famous peninsula in Mexico?

39. New Mexico’s state flower – having long spiny leaves and greeny-white flowers?

40. Which company makes Opium?


1. Yaffle

2. Yahtzee

3. Yale

4. Yalta

5. yam

6. Yamoussoukro

7. Yangtze, Yellow

8. Yankee

9. Weird Al Yankovic,

10. Yardbirds

11. Yaris

12. Yarmouth

13. Yarrow

14. Rowdy Yates

15. Yawl

16. Yazz

17. Yellow

18. Yellow fever

19. Yellow Sea

20. Yellow Submarine

21. Yemen

22. Yen

23. Yensid

24. Yeomen of the Guard

25. Yeovil Town

26. Yew

27. Yin Yang Symbol

28. Yodel

29. Yoke

30. Yokel

31. Yom Kippur War

32. Yorick

33. Yorkshire Dales

34. Neil Young

35. Paul Young

36. Your Song Elton John

37. Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah

38. Yucatan

39. Yucca

40. Yves Saint Laurent


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