Art and Literature Quiz 7

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1. In fiction who lived in the stables at Birtwick hall?

2. Which dancer choreographed and starred in the show lord of the dance?

3. In music a flat sign lowers a note but which sign raises a note?

4. What name is given to paintings that show a visual likeness of someone's face?

5. Which spaceman appeared on the front page of the original eagle comic?

6. In which two ways is alphanumerical information presented?(both needed for 1 point)

7. Who composed the 1812 overture?

8. According to his autobiography which jockey was born lucky?

9. Who wrote the play, Uncle Vanya?

10. What was the name of Christopher Robin?s nurse?


1. Black beauty

2. Michael Flatley

3. Sharp

4. Portrait

5. Dan dare

6. Alphabetically and numerically

7. Tchaikovsky

8. John Francome

9. Anton Checkov

10. Alice


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