Literature Quiz 10

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1. In Shakespeare?s play who killed Macbeth?

2. Who wrote the Just So stories in 1902?

3. Which career did Keats abandon for poetry?

4. Which poet wrote ?Sonnets from the Portuguese ??

5. Who wrote The Naked Lunch?

6. Which fictional hero did Baroness Orczy create?

7. Who wrote The Caretaker in 1960?

8. Whose first novel is A Parliamentary Affair?

9. Which French playwright was born Jean Baptiste Poquelin?

10. For which fictional hero did Alexander Selkirk provide a model?


1. Macduff

2. Rudyard Kipling

3. Medicine

4. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

5. William Burroughs

6. The Scarlet Pimpernel

7. Harold Pinter

8. Edwina Currie

9. Moliere

10. Robinson Crusoe


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