Art and Literature Quiz 6

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1. What was the first book in English to be printed in England?

2. How many sisters were there in the title of the play by Chekhov?

3. Which former MP wrote the novel "A Parliamentary Affair"?

4. In which century was William Shakespeare born?

5. Which sculptor created the famous work "The Thinker"?

6. Who wrote HMS Pinafore?

7. To which supermodel is the novel the Big Friendly Giant dedicated?

8. Which book, by Herman Melville, opens with the words - "Call me Ishmael"?

9. Who composed the Opera Carmen?

10. Which of the Bronte sisters wrote "Wuthering Heights"?


1. The Canterbury Tales

2. 3

3. Edwina Currie

4. 16th

5. Auguste Rodin

6. Gilbert & Sullivan

7. Sophie Dahl

8. Moby Dick

9. Bizet

10. Emily


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