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Literature Quiz1. Who wrote The Thorn Birds?

2. Which mps novel went straight to No.1 in the Sunday Times best seller list in 1994?

3. What was Jeffrey Archer?s sequel to Kane and Abel?

4. Who wrote The downing Street Years?

5. Who created the character Emma Harte?

6. Which French novelist wrote Gigi?

7. What was the difference between Delia Smiths 1986 Complete Cookery course and her 1989 Complete Cookery Course?

8. Who wrote the female Eunuch?

9. Which book connects Jules Verne with Michael Palin?

10. What was the name of Poirots last case?

11. In which city is the Bodleian library?

12. In which District did Beatrix Potter live?

13. Uncle Tom's Cabin was a novel that argued against what?

14. In the US what type of book is Webster famous for?

15. Who is the most famous manservant created by PG Wodehouse?

16. What was Muhammad Ali's autobiography called?

17. Which literary creation was Harriet Vane's husband?

18. Which children's classic was written to encourage adults to be kinder to horses?

19. Which book by Peter Wright did the government try to ban?

20. How many Barchester Chronicles are there?


1. Colleen mccullough

2. Edwina Currie

3. The prodigal daughter

4. Margaret Thatcher

5. Barbara Taylor Bradford

6. Colette

7. 1989 was illustrated

8. Germaine Greer

9. Around the world in 80 days

10. Curtain

11. Oxford

12. Lake District

13. Slavery

14. Dictionary

15. Jeeves

16. The Greatest

17. Lord Peter Wimsey

18. Black Beauty

19. Spycatcher

20. 6


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