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Literature Quiz1. Which fictional character apparently plunged to his death at the Reichenbach falls?

2. Which children?s author was a lecturer in mathematics at Oxford University from 1855-1881?

3. Who wrote the poem ?Charge of the Light Brigade??

4. In the novel by E.M Forster in which city was A Room with A View?

5. Which German novelist wrote the book Death in Venice?

6. In a play by Arthur Miller, what was the profession of the central character Willy Loman, who kills himself in a car?

7. Which detective first appeared in the 1930 novel Murder at the Vicarage?

8. Which poet drowned in 1822 six years after his wife had drowned herself in the Serpentine?

9. Which writer wrote a book about bullfighting entitled Death in the Afternoon?

10. Holden Caulfield is the central character of which novel?  


1. Sherlock Holmes / Von Helsing

2. Lewis Carroll

3. Tennyson

4. Florence

5. Thomas Mann

6. Car Salesman

7. Miss Marple

8. Shelley

9. Ernest Hemmingway

10. Catcher in the Rye


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