Performing Arts Quiz 1

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1. Which Opera venue is near Lewes?

2. Sir John Barbiolli was conductor of which orchestra at the time of his death?

3. If a sonata is for instruments what is a cantata written for?

4. Which London theatre was home of Gilbert & Sullivan?s operas?

5. Saddlers Wells theatre is famous for which performing arts?

6. Equity in the USA deals only with performers where?

7. Wayne Sleep was principal dancer with which ballet company?

8. What do you press with the right hand on an accordion?

9. Name the Three Tenors?

10. How many strings are there on a double bass?


1. Glyndebourne

2. Halle

3. Voices

4. Savoy

5. Opera and Ballet

6. Theatre

7. Royal Ballet

8. The keyboard

9. Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras

10. 4


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