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Literature Quiz1. What was the name of the dog in Enid Blyton?s Famous Five stories?

2. Who wrote the play which was later turned into the musical ?My fair lady??

3. Who wrote the plays ?school for scandal? and ?the rivals??

4. Who wrote ?First amongst Equals??

5. Under what name did JB Morton write his regular column in the Daily Express from 1924-1975?

6. Which British politician wrote the novels ?Coningsby?, ?Sybil? and ?Tancred??

7. How many lines are there in a Sonnet?

8. Which fictional detective first appeared in the book ?The mysterious affair at Styles? in 1920?

9. Who wrote the book ?Peter Pan??

10. By what name is the writer of adventure stories Lord Tweedsmuir better known?

11. The narrator, Harris & George appear in which book?

12. The 1st appeared in New York world in 1913, most newspapers now have what?

13. Nyctophobia is a fear of what?

14. What name for a social climber & upstart was popularised by WM Thackeray?

15. Who woke snow white with a kiss?

16. What is serendipity?

17. What does the term 'Ex Gratia' actually mean?

18. In which book did Humpty Dumpty 1st appear?

19. What is polyandry

20. What did the McWhirter twins establish in 1955?


1. Timmy

2. George Bernard Shaw

3. Richard Brinsley Sheriden

4. Jeffrey Archer

5. Beachcomber

6. Disraeli

7. 14

8. Hercule Poirot

9. J M Barrie

10. John Buchan

11. 3 men in a boat

12. Crossword Puzzle

13. Darkness

14. Snob

15. Prince Charming

16. Making discoveries by Accident

17. Out of Kindness

18. Through the looking glass

19. Having more than one husband

20. The Guinness book of records


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