Story Time Quiz 1

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1. In whose books does Inspector Adam Dalgliesh appear?

2. Which author created the character Biggles?

3. In 1925 Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. What is the English translation for this title?

4. Who was the Danish storyteller whose fairytales, The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling are still popular all over the world?

5. Which famous novel is based on the true-life story of a ship wrecked sailor called Alexander Selkirk?

6. Who was famous for his short stories about a fox, a crow, an ant and a grasshopper?

7. In Tales from Toytown, what type of creatures were Larry and Dennis?

8. According to the nursery rhyme, who was under a haycock fast asleep.

9. For how many years was Sleeping Beauty asleep?

10. Who wrote the stories on which Disney?s Jungle Book is based?


1. P.D James.

2. W.E Johns

3. My Battle or My Struggle

4. Hans Christian Anderson.

5. Robinson Crusoe.

6. Aesop.

7. Larry the Lamb and Dennis the Dachshund.

8. Little boy blue.

9. One-Hundred.

10. Rudyard Kipling.


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