Opera and Ballet Quiz 1

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1. Which country is Dame Kiri Te Kanawa from?

2. Give me the Christian names of two of the three tenors.

3. Which Gilbert and Sullivan opera is set in the Tower of London?

4. Who wrote Madame Butterfly and La Boheme?

5. Which Russian ballerina gave her name to a meringue dessert?

6. What does an operetta have which an opera usually does not?

7. Where was the barber from in the title of Rossini?s opera?

8. Which ballet has the same name as a love story by Shakespeare?

9. In ballet, what is a jete?

10. Is opera singer Lesley Garrett from Yorkshire, The West Midlands, or Cornwall?


1. New Zealand

2. Jose, Luciano, Placido

3. The Yeomen Of The Guard

4. Puccini

5. Anna Pavlova

6. Spoken word

7. Seville

8. Romeo And Juliet

9. A jump

10. Yorkshire


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