Best Sellers Quiz 1

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1. Which English crime writer disappeared for 2 weeks in 1926?

2. Who wrote the book ?Diana? and was to cause a public outcry?

3. The Stud was 1978 book by Jackie Collins the film starred her sister but what was the follow up called?

4. Which Joseph Heller novel gave a new expression to English language?

5. Which American novelist was a descendant of the Lauren Broom Brewery and published a book relating to a group called the super girls?

6. Which Stephen King book was turned into a film starring James Caan ?

7. Which Fred Forsythe novel told about assassination attempt of Charles De Gaulle?

8. Who wrote ?Notes from a Small Island??

9. What was the name of the book that Salman Rushdie wrote that got him a death threat?

10. Whose self-novel was entitled ?the long walk to freedom??  


1. Agatha Christie

2. Andrew Morton

3. The Bitch

4. Catch 22

5. Danielle Steele

6. Misery

7. The Day of the Jackal

8. Bill Bryson

9. The Satanic Verses

10. Nelson Mandela


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