Famous Painters Quiz 1

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Who painted the following works of art:

1. La Gioconda

2. The Haywain

3. The laughing cavalier

4. Guernica

5. Campbell's Soup

6. Sunflowers

7. The garden of earthly delights

8. A bigger splash

9. Luncheon of the boating party

10. Man standing with hands on hips

11. Which famous painter was an architect and engineer to Cesare Borgia?

12. Who made his name with paintings of Cola bottles?

13. Where in London would you find the portrait of the Laughing Cavalier?

14. Which name, intended as an insult, was used to describe the style of Monet and other French painters of the 1870s?

15. Which famous portrait painters sitters included Mrs Siddons, Dr Johnson & Sheridan?

16. Who illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

17. I which English resort would you find the oriental style Royal pavillion?

18. In which century did Rembrandt live?

19. Whose portrait of Winston Churchill was burned on Lady Churchill's orders?

20. Phillip Glass wrote an Opera about which scientist?


1. Leonardo Da Vinci

2. John Constable

3. Frans Hals

4. Pablo Picasso

5. Andy Warhol

6. Vincent Van Gogh

7. Hieronymous Bosch

8. David Hockney

9. Pierre Auguste Renoir

10. Paul Cezzanne

11. Leonardo de Vinci

12. Andy Warhol

13. The Wallace Collection

14. Impressionism

15. Gainsborough

16. Tenniel

17. Brighton

18. 17th

19. Graham Sutherland

20. Einstein


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