Literature Quiz 4

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Literature Quiz1. Who travelled round the world in 80 days with Passe Partout?

2. Which girls school was created by Ronald Searle?

3. Who wrote about the Triffids?

4. Who was the young hero of Treasure Island?

5. In which William Goldring book are Piggy and Ralph shipwrecked?

6. Which Dickens character insisted he was very umble in David Copperfield?

7. What other name was Samuel Longhorne Clemens also known as?

8. What name was Sir Percy Blakeney also known as?

9. Jeeves was the Butler, who was his employer?

10. Who wrote the travel book ?Notes from a Small island??

11. In Wuthering heights, what ?s the name of the Waif adopted by the Earnshaw family?

12. Which comedian wrote the book Adolf Hitler - my part in his downfall?

13. Which famous work is set in the Welsh town of Llareggub and features the characters Polly Garter, Captain Cat and Myfanwy Price?

14. Which novel by James Joyce deals with the events of 16th June 1904 in Dublin?

15. Who wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray?

16. How many lines are there in a Limerick?

17. To which London landmark was Wordsworth referring in his line ?Earth has not anything more fare to show more fair??

18. In Coleridges Kubla Khan, where was there to be a stately pleasure dome?

19. Who wrote the books Squirrel Nutkin?

20. Which classic writer shares his name with a character from a sci-fi series?


1. Phileas Fogg

2. St Trinians

3. John Wyndham

4. Jim Hawkins

5. Lord of the flies

6. Uriah Heap

7. Mark Twain

8. Scarlet Pimpernell

9. Bertie Wooster

10. Bill Bryson

11. Heathcliffe

12. Spike Milligan

13. Under Milkwood

14. Ulysses

15. Oscar Wilde

16. 5

17. Westminster Bridge

18. Xanadu

19. Beatrix Potter

20. Chekov


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