At the Theatre Quiz 1

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1. Which musical does the song Big Spender come from?

2. Kiss Me Kate is a musical version of which Shakespeare play?

3. Which 1950 Billy Wilder film became an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?

4. In which Japanese city is Madame Butterfly set?

5. Who did Princess Diana dance with to a Billy Joel record on the stage at the Royal Opera House in 1986?

6. The play the matchmaker formed the basis for which musical?

7. Which witty british playriwght wrote Hay Fever?

8. In the musical Oliver, who was Bill Sykes Mistress?

9. Which Victor Hugo novel is one of Londons longest running musicals?

10. In which town or city is Royal Shakespeare Company based?

11. What phrase is used in theatre to describe lines improvised by an actor?

12. What is the title of the musical set amidst the Bollywood film industry, which opened at the Apollo Victoria in May this Year?

13. What word is used to describe a theatre that is closed?

14. In which West End musical did Michael Ball sing Love Changes Everything?

15. What superstitious alternative is used in the theatre, to wishing someone good luck?

16. Which musical, that opened early this year, had to cancel performances during it?s first week due to a broken down car?

17. Is ?stage left? the left of the stage as seen from the actors or the audiences p.o.v.?

18. Who was the 18th Century Drury Lane theatre manager who started a famous club?

19. What name is given to part of a stage which projects into auditorium?

20. On a stage, what are the out of view areas on the sides of the acting area called?


1. Sweet Charity

2. Taming of the Shrew

3. Sunset Boulevard

4. Nagasaki

5. Wayne Sleep

6. Hello Dolly

7. Noel Coward

8. Nancy

9. Les Miserables

10. Stratford Upon Avon

11. Ad Libs

12. Bombay Dreams

13. Dark

14. Aspects of Love

15. Break a Leg

16. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

17. Actors

18. David Garrick

19. Thrust Stage

20. Wings


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