Art and Literature Quiz 4

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1. What nationality was the painter Paul Klee?

2. By what name is painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos better known?

3. Which British artist achieved notoriety in 1976 when he admitted to faking old masters?

4. Which artist?s studio was known as the factory?

5. Napoleon and Snowball are creatures in which satirical novel?

6. Whose paintings include ?The Fighting Temeraire??

7. Of which art form is Ikebana a Japanese example?

8. Who's autobiography was entitled 'Learning to Fly'?

9. Which British soldier and author wrote ?The Seven Pillars of Wisdom??

10. What was the title of R. D. Blackmore?s famous novel set on Exmoor?  

11. Who wrote Hard Times and Bleak House?

12. Who was the author of Pygmalion?

13. Which artist cut off part of his ear and later committed suicide?

14. Which British statesman wrote the History of the English Speaking Peoples?

15. Franz Hals painted his most famous work in 1624; what was it called?

16. Which French author created Inspector Maigrette?

17. Who wrote Alice In Wonderland?

18. Who sculpted the famous nude figure of David and painted the fresco in the Sistine Chapel?

19. Who was the first official poet Laureate?

20. Whose autobiography was entitled ?Polly wants a Zebra??


1. Swiss

2. El Greco

3. Tom Keating

4. Andy Warhol

5. Animal Farm

6. J.M.W. Turner

7. Flower Arrangement

8. Victoria Beckham

9. T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia)

10. Lorna Doone

11. Charles Dickens

12. George Bernard Shaw

13. Vincent Van Gogh

14. Winston Churchill

15. The Laughing Cavalier

16. Georges Simenon

17. Lewis Carroll

18. Michelangelo

19. John Drydon

20. Michael Aspel


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