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Literature Quiz1. Where according to the bible is the site of the final battle between nations which will end the world?

2. In which Dickens?s novel did Uriah Heep appear?

3. To the nearest ?5000 how much do you get for winning the Booker prize?

4. In which book did John Braine introduce Joe Lampton?

5. What type of book is the OED?

6. In which county were (Jane Austin &) Charles Dickens born?

7. What type of books does Patricia Highsmith write?

8. In which novel did Sherlock Holmes first appear?

9. In which other Holy book is there the Garden of Eden?

10. Which story has the alternative title, The Modern Prometheus?

11. Crockfords is a reference book relating to which group of people?

12. What was the name of the cottage on the shores of lake Grasmere in the Lake District in which Wordsworth lived?

13. In Gullivers travels what is the name of the land of the Giants?

14. If you were reading a book published by Fodor, what would the subject be?

15. Who was the author of the darling buds of May, made into a TV series in the 1990s?

16. Who wrote far from the Maddenning crowd?

17. In Chaucers Canterbury Tales, how many tales are told? (3, 13, 24, 52 or 1001)

18. Who wrote the novel ?The strange case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde??

19. According to Sue Townsend how old was Adrian Mole when he first started writing his diary?

20. In which of Shakespeare?s plays does the jester, Feste appear?  


1. Armageddon

2. David Copperfield

3. ?20000

4. Room at the Top

5. Dictionary

6. Hampshire

7. Crime Fiction

8. A study in Scarlet

9. The Koran

10. Frankenstien

11. Clergy of the church of England

12. Dove cottage

13. Brobdingnag

14. Travel

15. H E Bates

16. Thomas Hardy

17. 24

18. Robert Louis Stephenson

19. 13 and ?

20. Twelfth Night


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