Pen and Ink Quiz 1

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All answers contain either the letters PEN or INK, in that order.

1. What was the name of Beatrix Potter's hedgehog laundress?

2. In which European city would you find the statue of The Little Mermaid?

3. What do we call a small personal ornament of no great value?

4. Who was the first man to win the World Professional Snooker Title at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield?

5. Who had top ten hits with Goodbye To Love, Top of the World and Only Yesterday?

6. Which word means "salary", particularly when applied to a clergyman?

7. Name the Scots born man who founded a National Detective Agency in the USA in 1850?

8. Which song from the musical Sweet Charity has become strongly associated with Shirley Bassey?

9. Which groups first top ten hit, in 1967, was entitled "See Emily Play"?

10. Which firm's security warehouse at Heathrow Airport was robbed in November 1983?  


1. Mrs Tiggy Winkle

2. Copenhagen

3. Trinket

4. John Spencer

5. The Carpenters

6. Stipend

7. Allan Pinkerton

8. Big Spender

9. Pink Floyd

10. Brinks-Mat


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