Art Quiz 1

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1. In which country was the French painter Marc Chagall born?

2. In which county is "Constable country", named after its famous son?

3. Of which school of painting was Claude Monet a leading exponent?

4. What art form is a Japanese netsuke?

5. What is arguably the most famous painting by Dutchman Frans Hals?

6. How is The painting "La Gioconda" also known as?

7. What was the first name. Of sculptor Epstein?

8. Where in the United States would you find Washington's head 18 metres high?

9 Picasso is considered to be one of the founders of which art movement ?

10. Whose Progress did William Hogarth paint?  


1. Russia.

2. Suffolk.

3. Impressionist.

4. Sculpture.

5. The Laughing Cavalier.

6. Mona Lisa.

7. Jacob.

8. Mount Rushmore.

9. Cubism

10. The Rake's.


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