Art Quiz 2

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Clue : All the answers contain the letters "ART" in that order...

1. When Ronald Reagan was elected US President, who came second?

2. Which word can mean : mercy: the divisions of a shield: or to provide lodgings?

3. Which radio series had the signature tune The Devils Gallop?

4. In which television series did Shirley Jones play David Cassidy's mother, before becoming his real step-mother?

5. Which writer created "The Saint"?

6. Which coin ceased to be legal tender on 1st January 1961?

7. Who plays the role of Captain Picard in Star Trek : The Next Generation?

8. Who was Wimbledon Women's Singles Champion in 1994?

9. Which football league club play their home games at Victoria Park (in Clarence Road)?

10. In which film did Kirk Douglas star as a slave turned gladiator?  


1. Jimmy Carter

2. Quarter

3. Dick Barton - Special Agent

4. The Partridge Family

5. Leslie Charteris

6. The Farthing

7. Patrick Stewart

8. Conchita Martinez

9. Hartlepool United

10. Spartacus


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