Art and Literature Quiz 5

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1. What Italian artist painted The Birth of Venus

2. What city do Batman and Robin patrol?

3. Who wrote ?The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy??

4. What Cornelius Ryan book chronicles the events of D-Day?

5. Which British author created Gunga Din?

6. What Irishman wrote ?The Quare Fellow??

7. What is Barbara McCorquodales pen name?

8. What does the U stand for in the abbreviation I.O.U.?

9. What was Rob Roy?s surname?

10. Who was the pilot hero of Captain W.E. Johns stories?

11. What play contains the line: ?Something is rotten in the state of Denmark??

12. What magazine is the cornerstone of Bob Gucciones publishing empire?

13. What are Henry Millers two tropical books?

14. What are the first 3 words in the bible?

15. Who betrayed Samson to the Philistines?

16. Whose shoulder did Captain Flint sit on?

17. What is Ray Bradbury?s illustrated man illustrated with?

18. What does the title of Hitler?s ?Mein Kampf? mean?

19. What is the Spanish word for ?navy??

20. What Shakespeare play features the line ?A Plague on Both your houses??  


1. Botticelli

2. Gotham City

3. Douglas Adams

4. The Longest Day

5. Rudyard Kipling

6. Brendan Behan

7. Barbara Cartland

8. Unto

9. mcgregor

10. Biggles

11. Hamlet

12. Penthouse

13. Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn

14. In The Beginning

15. Delilah

16. Long John Silver

17. Tattoos

18. My Struggle

19. Armada

20. Romeo And Juliet


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