The Arts Quiz 1

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1 Who originally said ?Please do not shoot the pianist, He is doing his best??

2 Who was the husband of the Indian squaw Minnehaha?

3 Who wrote Watership Down?

4 Which London art gallery has branches in Liverpool and St Ives?

5 Who painted The Haywain?

6 Who were John, Susan, Titty, Roger, Peggy, and Nancy?

7 Which gentleman thief was the creation of Ernest Hornung?

8 Which century of the Italian Renaissance is called the ?Quintocento??

9 In architecture, what is a cupola?

10 Which prize is awarded every October to the book judged to be the best published that year by a British or Commonwealth author?  


1 Oscar Wilde

2 Hiawatha

3 Richard Adams

4 The Tate

5 John Constable

6 Swallows and Amazons

7 Raffles

8 Sixteenth (Fifteen Hundreds)

9 A dome

10 The Booker Prize


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