Literature Quiz 9

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Literature Quiz1. What was the first book of the trilogy that ended with Pitcairns Island?

2. Who wrote of the Vicar of Wakefield?

3. What detective retired to become a beekeeper?

4. What ancient Greek had the world on his shoulders?

5. What story features Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail?

6. Whose lover was Mellors?

7. What Persian poet is famed for Rubiayat

8. Which detective is the famous creation of Mickey Spillane?

9. What was little Miss Muffet eating when she sat on her tuffet?

10. Who described her pupils as la creme de la creme?  


1. Mutiny on the bounty

2. Oliver Goldsmith

3. Sherlock Holmes

4. Atlas

5. Tales of Peter Rabbit

6. Lady Chatterley?s

7. Omar Khayyam

8. Mike Hammer

9. Curds and Whey

10. Jean Brodie


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