Literature Quiz 8

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Literature Quiz1. Who wrote ?The Female Eunuch??

2. Who wrote ?Kidnapped??

3. Which best selling author wrote The Odessa File?

4. What was Charles Lutwidge Dodgsons literary pseudonym?

5. Which author wrote Clayhanger in 1925?

6. Who wrote a Testament of Youth?

7. In which of D.H. Lawrence?s novels would you find Miriam Leivers?

8. Who coined the phrase ?Big Brother is watching you??

9. Which author do you associate with the characters Jeeves and Wooster?

10. Which 2 novels by Alan Sillitoe were turned into very successful films in the sixties?  


1. Germaine Greer

2. Robert Louis Stephenon

3. Frederick Forsythe

4. Lewis Carroll

5. Arnold Bennet

6. Vera Brittain

7. Sons And Lovers

8. George Orwell in 1984

9. P.G. Wodehouse

10. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning & The Loneliness of the long distant runner.


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