Literature Quiz 7

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1. What is the Rank and Nationality of the soldier that appears in the title of a famous John Fowles novel?

2. Which contemporary of Shakespeare wrote the play "Tamburlaine the great"?

3. In which Dickens novel does Pip appear?

4. Whose autobiographies included "The Moons a Balloon"?

5. Name the 2 courtiers who served the King in hamlet, who also appear in the title of a Tom Stoppard play?

6. In which JD Salinger novel is the central character called Holden Caulfield?

7. Which Pseudonym was used by the writer Hector Hugh Munro and is also the name for a Japanese drink?

8. Which titled detective features in the stories "The Nine Tailors" and "Murder must advertise"?

9. Which playwright wrote "Equus and Amadeus"?

10. Which London road is associated with book sellers?  


1. French Lieutenant

2. Christopher Marlowe

3. Great  Expectations  

4. David Niven

5. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

6. Catcher in the Rye

7. Saki

8. Lord Peter Wimsey

9. Peter Schaffer

10. Charring Cross Road


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