Literature Quiz 6

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Literature Quiz1. Whose novels include The Dream Merchants, The Betsy and The Carpetbaggers?

2. Who wrote Kidnapped?

3. Where were Chaucer?s pilgrims bound?

4. Whose works include Howard?s End and a Passage to India?

5. In which ocean was the setting of Lord of the Flies?

6. As a creator of which type of novels was Zane Gray a pioneer?

7. Which work by Salman Rushdie was pronounced as Blasphemous by some religious groups?

8. What was the name of William Shakespeare?s wife?

9. Who wrote The Book Of Nonsense?

10. Which science fiction pioneer wrote The Time Machine?  

11. Who wrote Moby Dick?

12. Which Bront? sister wrote Wuthering heights

13. What is Winnie the Pooh's favourite food?

14. Who wrote about Hobbits?

15. Who is the boy hero of the Jungle Books?

16. In which book do the people of Lilliput appear?

17. What did the ugly duckling grow up to be?

18. Where did the Wizard of Oz live?

19. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

20. Who wrote Robinson Crusoe?


1. Harold Robbins

2. Robert Louis Stephenson

3. Canterbury

4. E M Forster

5. Pacific Ocean

6. Westerns

7. The Satanic Verses

8. Anne Hathaway

9. Edward Lear

10. H G Wells

11. Herman Melville

12. Emily

13. Honey

14. JRR Tolkien

15. Mowgli

16. Gullivers travels

17. A swan

18. The Emerald City

19. Michelangelo

20. Daniel Defoe


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