Art and Literature Quiz 8

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1. The inspiration for which children's book character died in April 1996?

2. Name the native city of Italian artist Canaletto that many of his works portray?

3. Which book ends with the line 'thank goodness!' said Bilbo laughing, and handed him the tobacco jar?

4. If you show your feelings openly, where are you said to wear your heart?

5. Cow pies were the favourite food of which comic character?

6. What note is half the length of a quaver?

7. Who wrote the poem if?

8. Which famous London theatre caught fire in 1613?

9. What was Louisa Mary Alcott's most famous book?

10. Black beauty is a famous animal story by which English writer?  

11. Which Agatha Christie detective lived in St. Mary mead?

12. What is the subject of Renoir's painting Les Parapluies?

13. Which ex-politician took part in his own play, 'the accused', on the west end stage in 2000?

14. What is the name for a word or phrase that reads the same both forwards and backwards such as 'level' or 'Dennis and Edna sinned'?

15. Which former Beirut hostage wrote an evil cradling?

16. In classical music a piano trio is a chamber ensemble consisting of a piano, a violin and which other musical instrument?

17. Which Beano character has a friend called pie-face?

18. The title of which 1961 Joseph Heller novel has passed into common usage as a phrase meaning a no-win situation?

19. Which novelist was the cousin of horror movie actor Christopher Lee?

20. Which county is Thomas Hardy associated with?


1. Christopher Robin

2. Venice

3. The Hobbit

4. On Your Sleeve

5. Desperate Dan

6. Semi-Quaver

7. Rudyard Kipling

8. The Globe

9. Little Women

10. Anna Sewell  

11. Miss Marple

12. Umbrellas

13. Jeffrey Archer

14. Palindrome

15. Brian Keenan

16. Cello

17. Dennis The Menace

18. Catch 22

19. Ian Fleming

110. Dorset


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