13th May Quiz

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The following quiz round was kindly donated by Val Joyner. many thanks Val, a great contribution

1. On this day in 1981 thousands saw whom shot?

2. 1989 a british war hero was seized in Beirut at the age of 74 who was he?

3. Alison Hargreaves became the first woman to do what?

4. 1977 Why was England cricket captain sacked?

5. 1996 What killed over 600 people in northern Bangladesh?

6. 1958 Which then vice presidents car was attacked and nearly turned over in venezula?

7. 1950 Steveland Judkins morris a singer was born - what is he better known as?

8. 1961 which film star died, apeearances include the naked edge, the wreck of the mary deare and for whom the bell tolls?

9. 1940 who said I have nothing to give but blood sweat and tears?

10. Author Lady Browning was born in 1907 ? how is she known?


1. Pope John Paul II

2. Jackie Mann

3. conquer everest without the help of oxygen of sherpas

4. for recruiting players to Kerry packers world XI

5. tornado

6. Richard Nixon

7. Stevie wonder

8. gary cooper

9. Winston Churchill

10. Daphne de maurier 


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