14th August Quiz

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1) Born 1961, the singer who was the former wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who?

2) Born 1913, the English and twice world professional snooker champion (1948-49, 1951) and younger brother of Joe, who?

3) Died 1951, the man Citizen Kane was based upon, who?

4) Died 1932, which famous Hollywood dog star?

5) Died 1984, JB Priestly. What did the JB stand for?

6) On this day 1893, the world?s first car registration plates were introduced in which country?

7) On this day 1945 which country unconditionally surrendered to the Allies?

8) On this day 1948, Donald Bradman probably the greatest batsman ever went out to play his last innings, what score did he achieve when he was bowled?

9) On this day 1949, who became Chancellor of West Germany?

10) On this day in what year were the first British Troops deployed in Northern Ireland to restore order?  


1) Sarah Brightman

2) Fred Davis

3) William Randolph Hearst

4) Rin Tin Tin

5) John Boynton

6) France

7) Japan

8) Nil (A Duck)

9) Konrad Adenauer

10) 1969


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