14th February Quiz

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1) OVD (on Valentines day) in 1779 Captain Cook was stabbed to death by natives of the Sandwich Islands. What are these islands now called?

2) Born OVD in 1819 Christopher Sholes. What piece of office equipment did he invent?

3) OVD in 1852 which famous London children?s hospital accepted it?s first patient?

4) OVD in 1895 was the first staging of The Importance Of Being Earnest. Written by whom?

5) Born OVD in 1944 the director of The Commitments, Birdy and Bugsy Malone. Who?

6) OVD in which year did the Ayatollah Khomeni issue a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie for his blasphemous novel The Satanic Verses?

7) Died OVD in 1988 which US composer best known for his collaboration with lyricist Alan Lerner with whom he wrote My Fair Lady, Gigi and Camelot?

8) Born OVD in 1951 the English footballer who had a hit with Head Over Heels?

9) Died OVD in 1891 which US Civil War General who is attributed with the phrase ?war is hell??

10) OVD in 1929 The St. Valentine?s Day Massacre took place when 7 members of whose gang were gunned down in a warehouse?  


1) Hawaii

2) Typewriter

3) Great Ormond Street

4) Oscar Wilde

5) Alan Parker

6) 1989

7) Frederick Loewe

8) Kevin Keegan

9) General William Sherman

10) Bugsy Moran


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