22nd June Quiz

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1) Born on this day in 1856 the author Rider Haggard, what is his most famous novel?

2) Born 1932 the actress who played Basil Fawlty?s wife?

3) Died this day 1969 , Judy Garland. How did she die?

4) 1377 who succeeded Edward III as King of England

5) 1814 , the first cricket match at a new ground was played between the MCC and Hertfordshire. What was the Ground?

6) 1921 King George V opened which parliament?

7) 1937, The Brown Bomber became world Heavyweight boxing champion. What was the real name of this boxer?

8) 1979, who was found not guilty of plotting to murder Norman Scott?

9) 1984, which airline made its maiden flight to New York with tickets priced at ?99

10) Born on this day Esther Rantzen but in which year?  


1) King Solomon?s mines

2) Prunella Scales

3) Overdose of pills and booze

4) Richard II

5) Lords

6) Northern Ireland

7) Joe Louis

8) Jeremy Thorpe

9) Virgin Atlantic

10) 1940


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