22nd November Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1808the man who advertised a railway excursion to a temperance meeting and thus is credited with inventing the package holiday business, who?

2) Born on this day 1899 the first man to fly solo around the world, who?

3) Born on this day 1819, the author Mary Ann Evans, what was her pen name?

4) Died on this day 1718, Edward Teach, under what name did he sail the high seas?

5) Which US President was assassinated On this day in history?

6) Which King was sworn in to power On this day 1975?

7) Died on this day 1943 the US lyricist who collaborated with Richard Rodgers on such shows as pal Joey, who?

8) Died on this day 1900 the English composer best remembered for his partnership with Sir WS Gilbert, who?

9) Born on this day in which decade, the actor Tom Conti?

10) On this day 1986 Mike Tyson became the youngest ever world heavyweight champion, aged 20 when he beat which boxer? 


1) Thomas Cook

2) Wiley Post

3) George Eliot

4) Blackbeard

5) John F Kennedy

6) King Juan Carlos

7) Lorenz Hart

8) Sir Arthur Sullivan

9) 1940s (1941)

10) Trevor Burbick  


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