23rd August Quiz

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1) Born OTD (on this day) 1754, the last king of France, who?

2) Born OTD 1947, the author of such works as Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine, who?

3) Born OTD the same day as the man above, the ill fated drummer with The Who?

4) Born OTD 1949 the English strongman and shot putter who was once a policeman, who?

5) Died 1305, which Scottish patriotist, who was Hung Drawn and Quartered at Smithfield?

6) Died OTD 1926, aged 31 who following an operation on a ruptured appendix?

7) Died OTD 1987 which French racing driver off the Isle of White after a boating accident?

8) OTD AD410 which group of people sacked Rome and put an end to their empire?

9) OTD 1938 who scored a world record 364 in 13 hours at The Oval in the fifth test against Australia?

10) OTD 1939 Germany signed a non aggression pact with which country, leading the way for them to invade Poland?  


1) Louis XVI

2) Willy Russell

3) Keith Moon

4) Geoff Capes

5) William Wallace

6) Rudolph Valentino

7) Didier Peroni

8) Visigoths

9) Len Hutton

10) Russia


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