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Pantomime (informally, panto), not to be confused with mime, refers to a theatrical genre, traditionally found in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland, which is usually performed around the Christmas and New Year season. 

Christmas Quiz Questions1. What told Dick Whittington to 'turn again'?

2. In which pantomime does Maid Marian appear?

3. In Cinderella, what is the name of Prince Charming's friend?

4. In Jack and the Beanstalk, what does Jack get in exchange for his mother's cow?

5. What is the name of Aladdin's mother?

6. When Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on a spindle, what happened to her?

7. What does Cinderella's Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?

8. Who is the sweetheart of Harlequin in English pantomime?

9. Who eat the Gingerbread House?

10. Which pantomime character marries Alice Fitzwarren?


1. The Bells Of London

2. Babes In The Wood

3. Dandini

4. Magic Beans

5. Widow Twankey

6. She Fell Asleep

7. A Pumpkin

8. Columbine

9. Hansel And Gretel

10. Dick Whittington


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